Linsey Bumgarner

Hello, my name is Linsey Bumgarner. I have worked for the Youth Services department of Jackson County Public Library off and on for the last seven years with mission work overseas in-between. My passion is to work with children and families wherever the Lord has me, especially the children of Jackson County, my home. With my Birth-Kindergarten Education degree from WCU in 2008 and my experiences in teaching and youth work since then, I have developed an
overwhelming love for getting down on a child’s level and making connections through listening and careful explanation, for interactive story times full of early literacy skills, and for hands-on exposure to and early development in art, science, engineering, math, cultures, and more. I strongly believe that children learn the most through play and they have a natural curiosity and inclination to explore with a keen insight into their surroundings so I will work hard to encourage an environment that promotes these strengths physically, socially, and emotionally. I know God has a special love for children and I will do my best to show them that they are seen, heard, and loved by Him. I look forward to meeting you all soon!