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Online Giving Help

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Helpful Information:
  1. How do I get set up for online giving?
Go to the “Donation” link on the Church website for an ongoing or 1-time transaction.
To set up an account, go to the “Create Profile” Link to enter your payment information.
    2. How much does the online payment service cost?
Fees are based on a per-transaction charge of $.45 plus 2.75% for credit/debit cards and 1% for ACH automatic bank account drafts. 
$300 Donation by credit card or debit card:  $300   x  service fee 2.75%   =  $300 + $8.25 = 308.25
$300 Donation by ACH (Bank Account Draft):  $300   x    service fee 1.0%    =   $300 + $3.00 = $303
We encourage you to include the $.45 per-transaction fee plus the credit card/debit card % fees with your donation.
3.   Can payments be set up as recurring?
Answer:  Yes – this can be set up in the setup process.
4.   Can I set up online giving to draft directly from my bank account instead of a credit card?
Answer:  Yes – during the setup process you can select to either use a debit or credit card, or you can select the ACH (Automated Clearing House) option to have your donation drafted from your bank account.  You will need to be prepared to provide your bank routing number and your account number.  For a checking account these numbers can be found at the bottom of your check.  Direct draft can be set up as a recurring payment just like credit cards. This service charges the church  a $.45 per transaction fee plus a 1% fee. We would appreciate it very much if you covered these fees in your donation.
5.  Can I stop automatic payments, or change the amount? 
Answer:  Yes.  You can log into your account and change the amount of your regular donation, or stop the automated donations altogether.  Each donation is set up as a “transaction” which may be marked as “one time” or “recurring”.  You can delete one transaction and set up another transaction later if you wish.
6.  Can I make donations with my Smartphone?
Answer:  Yes you can. Go here to find the link for the APP and follow the directions.
7.  Can visitors donate without registering?
Answer:  Yes – anyone can give using the “guest” option.
8.  Will my online donations show up on my giving statement?
Answer:  Yes – your online donations will show up on your giving statements along with non-online transactions.
9.  Can I see my past transactions in the tool?
Yes – you can see all your on-line account activity when you log in to online giving.  You will not be able to see your traditional giving in the online tool.
10.  What happens if I make a mistake and indicate too much?
If you make any kind of mistake, or there is any error, the Church Financial Secretary or Church Secretary can reverse the transaction and refund your account as necessary.
11.  Can I designate which funds I am giving to?
Yes.  We have set up funds for: CUMC Operating and Ministries,  UMCOR- Disaster, Youth (Mission Trips and Wilderness Trail) and an “Other” fund with a designation line. More funds will be added as needed.   Cullowhee Kids Preschool will have their own Tuition Payment Site soon.
12.  How do I get help if something goes wrong?
Please contact Chuck Wooten or Sue Heckert via the Church office, 828-293-9215.