Jackson County United Christian Ministries

For over 25 years, United Christian Ministries of Jackson County has been ministering to the needs of North Carolina residents living in Jackson County.  We are a non-profit organization supported by local congregations and individuals.  Our goal is to help residents of our county in times of emergency by providing food, household goods, limited financial assistance, furniture, cleaning supplies, and personal care items for all ages.
Founded in 1989 by local churches, our organization’s mission is to serve Christ by being a voice for and a help to people with urgent physical, economic, social, or spiritual needs so that they might become whole persons in body, soul, and spirit.  Our hope is to enable individuals in need to move towards relative independence.  We serve the community by being a source of referral to other public and private agencies currently offering services (so as not to duplicate services being rendered) and by providing direct assistance.

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