Circles of Jackson County, NC

Circles of Jackson County

It is the mission of Circles of Jackson County INC. to provide the short- and long-term support that enables families currently living in poverty to move into financial sustainability through education, employment readiness assistance, and the creation of community support systems. We also work to educate our community about poverty and reduce the barriers to success for all persons.

Our long-term goal is to reduce the numbers of families in poverty in Jackson County by 10%. Our short-term goals for our clients are jobs that pay a living wage, housing that is both safe and affordable, reliable transportation, and the creation of social networks that support their movement toward self-sustainability.

Our process is  two-stepped. First, low-income individuals/families enroll in Circles Leadership Training; a  class covering the personal, interpersonal, and financial tools necessary to move beyond poverty.  These individuals/families are then paired with 2 trained community volunteers, called Allies, who support their efforts to achieve economic stability.  These paired groups work to build financial, emotional and social resources as well as develop goals unique to their own needs and dreams.

We meet weekly to provide educational opportunities tailored to their needs as well as social networking, emotional support, and opportunities to give back to the community. These meetings include a free meal and childcare


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