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The preschool follows the Jackson County Public School calendar except for the end of the school year.  The preschool gets out for the summer May 26, 2017 and starts up again August 21, 2017

Please contact the Preschool Director Dana Frady  for more information, 828-506-1103, or Larissa Miller 828-269-7937.

History and Overview

Cullowhee Kids Preschool opened fall of 1996 with the support of then Pastor Frank Padgett.  Under the direction of Sandy Railsback, two classrooms of six children met twice a week for half a day.  Sandy and Gayle McKenzie taught the mixed-age preschoolers upstairs in the Education Wing of the church, relying on old Sunday school material and their wits for curriculum.  Each subsequent year the program has expanded to accommodate the growing enrollment.  Sue Heckert directed the program from 1998 to 2008, developing themes and a long waiting list for prospective students.  Dana Frady is the current director with Ellen Miller helping crunch the numbers as well as teach the four year olds.  Teachers have come and gone but Sandy Railsback is still with the program.  Other current teachers are Charla Weatherford and Scarlett Pless. A big leap was made in 2009 with the completion of the church’s building project. Cullowhee Kids moved downstairs into the new preschool wing and with the leadership and encouragement from Pastor David Reeves, the preschool became a state certified preschool program meeting five days a week for a full school day with before and after-care available.

Over the years, the teacher developed Christian-based curriculum has grown very rich in activities, resources and learning experiences for the children.  Weekly themes for the year mean varied and energetic learning for the children and include seasons, holidays, local culture, outer space, dinosaurs, oceans, pond life, deserts, health and the rain forest, just to name a few.

Staff development includes a bi-annual weekend preschool teachers’ conference sponsored by the United Methodist Church.  Teachers attend accredited classes on such curriculum development as special needs children in preschool, music, math, art, Bible storytelling and yoga.

The staff of Cullowhee Kids invites you to come and see one of our church’s ministries at work!