Saturday, March 23, 9:00a.m.-noon
Every year the church has a clean up day in the spring and depends on volunteers to help.  Due to Covid, cleanup did not happen in March 2020, and last year we only cleaned up the grounds.  This year there is a long list for outside work and plenty to do inside the church.


Outside Projects: Please bring your gloves and equipment
  • West Side of Church (Parking lot side):  Trim trees, weed and mulch, rake and clean up wood cutting area.
  • North Side of Church (Grassy lot side): Trim trees in the grassy lot and next to the church building, clear leaves and debris below wall and church bell area and trim shrubbery.
  • East Side of Church (Road Side): Trim shrubbery (roses) in bed along sidewalk, mulch the same area, trim Crepe Myrtle tree, clear leaves at front entrance (narthex entrance), and trim crab tree.
  • Wesley Bridge and Cullowhee Kids small playground and big playground: Clear leaves and weed eat along both playground fences, trim trees and shrubs along fences and around Wesley Bridge and clear leaves behind air compressors inside playground.

Inside Projects:

  • Clean windows throughout with sanctuary being important. Window cleaner and rags provided. 
  • Dust and wipe down window sills through out with sanctuary being important.
  • Clean kitchen stoves/ovens,
  • Clean cabinets in kitchens
  • Clean Refrigerators. 
  • Wash baseboards throughout church. Rags provided

If you would like to stake your claim on a specific project, please let us know.
Children are welcome to come help!