Project Firewood

We work very closely with the Jackson County Council on Aging – chainsawing, splitting and delivering firewood all fall and through the winter to the elderly in our community who heat with firewood.  In August, logs start showing up in our parking lot, which we will chainsaw up into blocks.  On Saturdays Oct.-March, we split the wood and make deliveries. Our biggest wood splitting/delivery day is called IMPACT Day (usually in Sept. or Oct.).  We will have over 200 volunteers in our parking lot working to help our community. Everyone is welcome to help according to their ability and comfort zone. Over half of the volunteers are Western Carolina University students.

2018-2019 Project Firewood Volunteer Dates:

We work from 8:30 a.m. – noon


Sat. Oct. 20 IMPACT Day

Sat. Nov. 10  (cancelled due to conflicts)

Sat. Dec. 1

Sat.  Jan 5

Sat.  Feb. 2

Sat.  Mar. 2