New Bible Study
Acts: Live!Each Wednesday, starting April 22nd at 5:30pm! Mary Brown from Sylva First United Methodist Church has invited Julia and David to team up for a live-streamed discussion of the book of Acts. For the first study, read Acts 1-2 and be ready to chime in with your thoughts and questions using the comments. You will also be able to access and watch the videos after the livestream is complete. We’ll continue this through the end of May so that we can read the entire book together. We think you’ll find it surprisingly relevant to our current situation!  The feeds will be found at and



Acts: Live! on Wednesday, April 29th: thank you to everyone who tuned in to Acts: Live! last Wednesday. It was a wonderful Bible study! This Wednesday we’ll cover Acts 3-6. Mary Brown from Sylva First UMC has created a daily reading plan if you’d like to follow along as you prepare for the discussion. We’re also working on ways to incorporate your questions more! Hope you can join us next Wednesday at 5:30pm!

The feeds will be found at and

For review, below are the reading plans for April 23-29.

  • Thursday, April 23:  Acts 3.  Repentance is a consistent part of Peter’s message about Jesus. To repent is to turn away from our sins and turn toward God.  Why would this be an appropriate response to hearing about Jesus?  How do you need to repent today?

  • Friday, April 24:  Acts 4:1-22.  Peter and John tell the Council, “we cannot keep from speaking about what we have seen and heard” (v. 20).  What have you seen and heard about God that you cannot keep to yourself?  Tell someone today!

  • Saturday, April 25:  Acts 4:23-37.  The first believers shared everything in common.  What about Jesus’ ministry would have led them to that kind of community life?  How could we live into that same spirit today? 

  • Monday, April 27:  Acts 5:1-16.  The story of Ananias and Sapphira is shocking!  Why would holding back from giving to God and sharing with others be such a big deal?  Is it a big enough deal to you?

  • Tuesday, April 28:  Acts 5:17-41.  When the disciples are told to keep quiet, Peter says, “We must obey God rather than any human authority.”  When do you feel pressure to obey human authority over what God wants you to do?  How can you put love of God and love of neighbor first today?

  • Wednesday, April 29: Acts 6.  Serving God doesn’t look the same for everyone.  In this passage, the twelve focus on their call to pray and serve the word, while others are recruited to help distribute food.  What does serving God look like for you?  How can you affirm someone who serves God in a different way?

Acts: Live! Advance notice of reading plan for Wednesday, May 6.

  • Thursday, 4/30:  Acts 7:1-34.  Stephen begins his defense by recapping what God has done through the stories of the Old Testament: making covenant with Abraham, working good through Joseph’s slavery, calling Moses to liberate the Israelites from Egypt.  Which of these stories best shows God’s goodness to you?

  • Friday, 5/1: Acts 7:35-60. Stephen’s speech fails to convince the council.  As they are about to stone him, Stephen points to God’s glory appearing in the heavens – but they cover their ears.  When have you “covered your ears” to something God wants to show you or say to you?

  • Saturday, 5/2: Acts 8.  An Ethiopian eunuch shows up in this chapter – an outsider on multiple levels.  Yet Philip takes the time to ride along with him, explain Scripture to him, tell him the good news, and baptize him.  Who is someone you’d consider to be an “outsider”? Is God calling you to take the time to ride along with him/her?.

  • Monday, 5/4: Acts 9:1-25.   A persecutor of the Christians named Saul has a Jesus encounter that changes his life forever. What is the biggest change that being a follower of Christ has made in your life?.

  • Tuesday, 5/5: Acts 9:26-43 The disciples are afraid of Saul – has he really changed? Barnabas defends Saul and witnesses to the change in Saul’s life. Do you know someone who needs some defending? How can you stand up for him or her?.

  • Wednesday, 5/6: Acts 10:1-33. Peter has a crazy vision that leads him to a crazy new idea: contrary to Jewish law and tradition that has stood for thousands of years, now, in Christ, nothing and no person is deemed “unclean.” Who have you thought of as “unclean”? Pray for that person today.