CULTIVATING HOPE during a challenging time [PRAY & ACT]

From Hinton Rural Life Center,

MONDAY PRAY for first responders, medical professionals, those on the frontlines.

ACT: Post an uplifting shout-out on social media for your local medical folks and others on the
frontlines. Organize your neighbors to show support by picking a certain time each day to give a
shout-out from your yards/windows, holding up signs, etc, and making videos to post.

PRAY for those working to keep things running (post office, stores, factories, truck drivers,
restaurants offering to-go options, etc.)
ACT: Leave a handwritten thank you note, child’s drawing/coloring page, or grocery store gift card
in your mailbox for the postal worker (or anyone making a delivery at your home). If you venture
out to the store, show a little extra kindness to the workers. Make sure you thank them.

WEDNESDAY PRAY for your neighbors and community
ACT: If you are able to take a walk, PRAY for each home you pass or the neighborhood in general.
If you’re in a rural community, PRAY for local farmers, those who live on your road, etc. If you’re
not able to walk, make a prayer list of community leaders and others to pray for, and pray outside
or by a window.

THURSDAY PRAY for those who are out of work, working reduced hours, and/or working from home
ACT: Reach out to someone you know. Who needs some extra encouragement today? If able, can
you purchase a gift certificate now from your hairstylist or from your favorite restaurant / local
shop to help them during this time? Be creative!

PRAY for your pastor, church leadership, the helpers and “do-ers”
ACT: Send your pastor an encouraging (short!) text or email, reach out to someone who is always
helping others.

PRAY for those who are alone and lonely
ACT: Send a handwritten letter or child’s creation to someone in your church or your community.

SUNDAY PRAY for students (all ages) and teachers.
ACT: If you know college students or high school seniors, for example, check in on them! Send an
encouraging text or something on social media… let them know you are thinking of them and that
they’re not alone. Know a teacher? Send a note or post a shout-out on social media!

PRAY for your family and friends
ACT: Make time to do an activity together and HAVE FUN! Be present and in the moment.
Facetime or call a friend – have a cup of coffee together, virtually.