Stewardship Letter for 2021

 “My name is Dillon and I am an author”

(These are the words of a seven year old boy in our 2020 summer literacy camp when he finished writing his book about becoming a fire fighter.)

           Our church takes Jesus’ command to serve others seriously.

November 20, 2020

You already know the challenges we have weathered for the past eight months!   Still, we have been able to adapt and continue to be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus in our community.   Now it is time to prepare for the coming year and the work we will need to do!

As you consider making a pledge, we want to offer a simple report of the budget at our church. It is broken into five categories for clarity.

Conference and District Benevolences

Each year our church shares the cost of mission efforts right here and across the globe. Our gifts go to support missionaries, disaster relief, clinics and children’s homes.   We actively support United Christian Ministry, Circles of Hope, and the Community Table.

Administrative Council

This fund supports our Sunday school, youth program, college ministry, childcare and preschool. Every Sunday, three salaried child care workers join a larger group of volunteers to care for our children in Sunday school and worship. Our church operates a state licensed, full day preschool program and afterschool program that serves 32 young people each week. They employ five wonderful teachers and eight part-time assistants. Even in the pandemic, our youth group continues to meet (virtually) in weekly programs.  Our middle and high school youth have built seven ramps, done stream bank repair, visited nursing homes and delivered firewood.  Along the way they had some adventures as well!   We did all this while observing the guidelines that prevent the spread of Covid 19.


Cullowhee Church employs sixteen people to help get the work done.  These people include: custodians, the pastor, church musicians and music leaders, youth and children interns and one office administration worker. Our pastor is the only full-time employee of the church.

Local Operating Expense

This is the money that keeps our doors open.  From these funds we pay utilities, maintenance, insurance, van and truck costs, etc. SOME DAY SOON WE WILL BE OPEN AGAIN!  These are the everyday costs of supporting a building that is in use 16 hours per day, seven days each week.

 All This Work will Make up Our 2020 Budget!

Our total Operating Budget for 2020 was approximately $403,675.  During the pandemic, we have made every effort to eliminate nonessential spending.   We need your help to continue to be a presence for Jesus in the Cullowhee community.

If you are receiving this letter by email, please find a pledge card at the end of this letter or on the church website,

If you are receiving this letter by regular mail, a 2021 Pledge Card is enclosed. Pledge cards can also be picked up at the church office during regular office hours.  Please give prayerful consideration for our budget.  We really hope that you will fill in the card and return it to us by email, in person, or mail it to Chuck Wooten, Financial Secretary, CUMC, and P.O. Box 1267, Cullowhee, NC 28723.

Again, thank you for being a part of this exciting time in the life of Cullowhee United Methodist Church!
Yours in Christ,
The Finance and Stewardship Committees
Cullowhee United Methodist Church


Cullowhee United Methodist Church 2021 Pledge Card

            or Chuck Wooten, Financial Secretary at

  • Or you can mail the card to Chuck Wooten, Financial Secretary, CUMC, P.O. Box 1267, Cullowhee, NC 28723.

  • Or go to following link and use the fillable pledge card and email it back to us,

    Cullowhee United Methodist Church 2021 Pledge Card fillable

    1. Open and fill out the information
    2. Save to your computer.
    3. Attach to an email to the church, or email to
  • Or of you wish, you can drop it off at the church office! Office hours are 8:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. or call the office, 293-9215.

My 2021 CUMC Operating Budget Pledge:

Total year’s pledge: ______________________________________________

Name (print):  ___________________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________Date:________

Thanks so much for your support to the ministries of Cullowhee UMC!

We hope to have the Stewardship Campaign wrapped up by mid December. For the Finance Committee to work on the budget, please return your pledge cards to the church by December 15.