WHEE READ Summer Literacy Camp 2019 at Cullowhee UMC 

We have finished our first WHEE READ summer literacy camp.  Our campers worked on their reading skills, learned new things and had a LOT of fun. While there is much to tell we want to share some important statistics with you! 85 ….volunteers gave time and expertise to the camp in reading support, food preparation, painting and classroom setup, transportation, recreation, curriculum support and lunch walkers 550…volunteer hours invested 543…Books read to reading buddies 36….The number of reading levels the kids improved.    267…New sight words the kids learned in camp.  (This means they know these words instinctively rather than having to sound them out each time.) 102…Donations of money or materials. This would not have happened without the support of the entire church.   Thank you! Summer 2019 was the first summer of our three year Duke Endowment Grant.  We look forward to summer 2020 as we continue this good work for children in our community.