Church Mortgage Paid Off

by admin

We did it. 

On June 3, 2018 we paid off the mortgage.   Thank You
We couldn’t have done it without you.  Your generous gifts have allowed us to retire our mortgage 10 years early. Now, we really can use that money to do some things that matter (Jesus Stuff).  Again, than you so much!!!!! 

Church Videos about the Church Building Debt:

Click here for the April 9, 2017 “Past, Present and Hopefully Future “ Video

Click here for the April 16, 2017 “What do you do with $4,361” Video

We are including a very simple description of our building project below.

  • The building was completed in June 2010.
  • Cost of project: $1,025,757
  • Our mortgage was $575,000.
  • Over the last 9 years, we have paid $402,110 on the mortgage. This includes principal and interest.
  • Now owed: $189,000
  • Our payoff date is June 2021.
  • If we continue on the schedule, we will pay $24,328 in interest until payoff.
  • Monthly payment $4,361.